MPCA work on adaptation

We have a responsibility to adapt to Minnesota’s changing climate. Across the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, our programs are starting to act on opportunities to increase resilience of communities and the environment to climate change impacts. Resilience is the ability of a system or community to survive disruption and to anticipate, adapt, and flourish with change.

MPCA is taking a multi-prong approach to climate change adaptation:

Agency planning

The MPCA Climate Adaptation Team (MCAT) was formalized as part of the agency’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan to help provide guidance and leadership within MPCA’s programs and to better coordinate climate adaptation efforts.

Risk assessments

A series of facilitated Climate Change Risk Assessments are being conducted with MPCA’s programs to identify climate change risks and opportunities to strengthen resilience related to: customers and stakeholders; MPCA personnel and operations; rules, regulations and certifications; and the agency’s environmental mission.

Data dashboards

MPCA programs are developing data dashboards of climate trends and adaptive actions. As each is completed, it will be linked in this section.

  • Climate adaptation planning data dashboard. Explore climate adaptation planning by governmental organizations in Minnesota to address climate trends. View progress in the state overall. Search by planning type or watershed.
  • Climate impacts to our waters. The pollution we put into our air is impacting our waters. Climate change is bringing major changes to Minnesota lakes

Fact sheets

Assisting communities

Although the impacts from Minnesota’s changing climate are touching all of us, some groups of people are more at risk. MPCA funded studies for 23 cities located in every region of Minnesota to identify their climate-vulnerable populations. Every Minnesota community can benefit from enacting relevant parts of the Menu of Climate Adaptation Strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change, improve public health, and expand the local economy.

Climate adaptation planning surveys of all governmental organizations in Minnesota measure progress on climate adaptation and resilience planning as an indicator for the state.

Community-based projects and information resources to support climate adaptation have been funded through the Environmental Assistance Grant Program:

MPCA teamed up with the Georgetown Climate Center to explore steps that Minnesota state agencies and the Minnesota Legislature can take to enable more resilience at the local level, as well as some steps municipalities may already have authority to implement to increase resilience of buildings.

Other assistance is available from:

Participating with other organizations