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The MPCA's Closed Landfill Program (CLP) is beginning a project to map land use in and around the closed landfills in the program. The CLP manages 111 closed landfills in Minnesota that cover a total of 8,500 acres. The mapping project will produce a publicly available, interactive, land-management map to: 

  • support the program's landfill operation and land management work.
  • provide information to those interested in landfill property reuse.
  • assist land-use planning at closed landfills, as required by statute.

Proposed map categories

Agency staff have developed a draft framework of land use categories that represents the information that can be shown on site maps.

Closed Landfill Program operation and maintenance areas

  • Landfill remediation infrastructure: areas with engineered treatment systems
  • Closed landfill cap: the cover over the waste
  • Pollinator habitat installations
  • Solar photovoltaic array installations
  • Open space maintained as a buffer or resource protection, where land uses are restricted

Closed landfill restricted use areas

Areas where land use is restricted due to CLP agreements, including declared restrictions and covenants, easements, institutional controls, and state bond-financed property

Areas monitored for known or suspected contamination

  • Areas of ongoing or planned environmental investigation
  • Mapped contamination areas of concern
  • Long-term groundwater contamination management areas

Land uses in the buffer area around the landfill

  • Agricultural
  • Developed - Residential or commercial/industrial
  • Recreational
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Protected natural area
  • Open space: Natural woodland, prairie, or wetland
  • Water
  • Transportation corridor

Property ownership

Areas owned by the state, cities, counties, tribes, or privately