Legislative resources

The Minnesota State Capitol building on a sunny summer day.

The MPCA works with partners, nongovernmental organizations, private sector representatives, local units of government and other state agencies on issues and legislation directed at protecting and improving the quality of Minnesota's air, lakes, rivers, streams and land.

2021 legislative initiatives

Protecting communities and families from PFAS contamination

The MPCA is continually working to advance the understanding on where PFAS are being used and how they are getting into the environment. The agency prioritized PFAS for the 2021 legislative session with multiple policy and budget proposals.

Preparing communities for our changing climate

Extreme rain events in Minnesota are more intense and more frequent than at any time on record, with devastating effects for homes, businesses, and local communities. The MPCA seeks funding to help local and tribal governments assess vulnerabilities and develop plans to enhance stormwater infrastructure, providing necessary resources for communities to prepare and adapt to climate change impacts.

Addressing mercury in the St. Louis River Watershed

The MPCA seeks funding to conduct water quality modeling to complete the St. Louis River Mercury Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study. Reducing mercury in fish tissue will benefit everyone who consumes fish caught in the water bodies of the St. Louis River watershed.

Protecting Minnesota communities from air pollution

The MPCA is responsible for ensuring facilities are compliant with permits and state and federal air quality regulations. The agency is seeking new air emissions monitoring equipment to detect potential problems, giving Minnesotans greater confidence that nearby businesses are following the law and its air permits.

Keeping permitted facilities in compliance

The agency seeks additional air inspectors to help keep businesses compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, especially in communities disproportionately impacted by air pollution. In addition to new inspectors, this proposal clarifies the MPCA Commissioner’s ability to require a person or company to immediately cease operations during emergencies and suspend or revoke a permit in cases of deliberate, chronic, or substantial violations.

Promoting sustainability through waste prevention and reuse

The Landfill Responsibility Act (LRA) is a new initiative that seeks to slow landfill expansion and lessen greenhouse gas emissions by expanding efforts to prevent waste and reuse items. Minnesota accumulated 2.1 million tons of waste in landfills in 2019.

Helping communities prepare for possible railroad spills

Minnesota has more than 4,400 miles of railroad traveling through hundreds of communities and neighborhoods. Coordinating with local emergency managers, fire officials, and railroads, MPCA’s rail coordinator helps communities prepare for the possibility of oil spills and other environmental emergencies along rail lines.


Contact Legislative Coordinator Alexis Donath at 651-757-2312.