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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency places members with host sites throughout Minnesota each year. Members serve full-time at environmental nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions from mid-September through mid-August.

Each member serves on a project in one of four focus areas:

  • air pollutant reduction, including energy conservation and green transportation
  • community readiness and outreach, including public engagement and education
  • green infrastructure improvements, including stormwater and community forestry
  • waste reduction, recycling, and organics management

Members receive quarterly training from the MPCA, including a three-day orientation at the beginning of the service term. Additionally, members are paired with a professional mentor and receive a training budget to attend workshops, conferences, and networking events. This training and support prepares members to complete environmentally focused initiatives at their host site: delivering environmental education; implementing sustainability projects; improving habitat; launching recycling programs; collaborating with community members; mobilizing volunteers; and collecting and analyzing data.

Members earn a living allowance disbursed every two weeks in payments of $1,062.50 (pre-tax), health insurance with premium paid, free mental health services with counseling, student loan forbearance on eligible loans, and an education award of up to $6,895 for education expenses or qualified student loans.

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The MPCA is not currently accepting member applications.

Review the member application guide to learn more about the program and application process and sign up below to be informed of future opportunities.

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1291: GreenCorps alumni story

Alumni in action

Alex Van Loh, Freshwater Society

Alex Van Loh, Education and program coordinator, Freshwater Society (MN GreenCorps 2015-16)

Alex knew he wanted to improve the environment and work with communities. So, what better way to accomplish both these goals than to serve as a Minnesota GreenCorps member! Alex served with the Freshwater Society working with the Minnesota Water Stewards program. He went through the program, obtained certification and managed the program’s first year with an online curriculum.

Alex says he “learned a great deal during this year of service; [he] developed educational materials, exponentially grew [his] network of water professionals and volunteers, experienced working in a professional setting, and attended conferences and trainings.” One of these trainings was the Art of Hosting, which guides how he plans events and leads educational initiatives today.

1291: Alex Van Loh pull quote
I wouldn’t be where I am without the relationships I built during my service year. The [MN GreenCorps] program is so great because it can give you your first full-time experience in a professional setting, or an opportunity for a mid-career change. Either way, you have support from a mentor, program staff, and other members to help you through it all.”
— Alex Van Loh

When Alex completed his service term in August 2016, he was fortunate to be offered a full-time position at Freshwater Society. His role expanded from working on the Minnesota Water Stewards program to the Adopt a River program, coordinating the Moos Family Speaker Series and facilitating a variety of meetings. He added he’s also supervised some MN GreenCorps members over the years and works regularly with a few Minnesota GreenCorps alumni working in the water world.