2020 legislative reports

Each year, the MPCA submits reports to the Legislature. Check this page regularly for new issues and agency recommendations as the legislative session progresses.

PDF icon Inventory of Water Quality Standards (lrwq-s-1sy20)

PDF icon Annual report on obsolete, unnecessary, or duplicative rules (lrp-gen-3sy20)

PDF icon Interagency agreements and intra-agency transfers (lrp-gen-2sy20)

PDF icon 3M Settlement biannual report and Spending Plan (lrc-pfc-3sy20)

PDF icon Environmental permitting efficiency report - 2020 (lrp-gen-1sy20)

PDF icon 2020 Pollution Report (lrp-ear-1sy20)

PDF icon Waste tires in Minnesota (lrw-sw-2sy20)

PDF icon 2020 Clean Water Fund Performance Report (lrp-f-1sy20)

PDF icon Rulemaking Docket and Record (lrp-mmrule-1sy20)

PDF icon National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System / State Disposal System permits, Water Quality Standards, and municipalities (lrwq-wwprm-1sy20)

PDF icon 2019 Residential well sampling for PFAS compounds (lrc-pfc-2sy20)

PDF icon Metropolitan Landfill Contingency Action Trust (MLCAT) Account (lrw-sw-1sy20)

PDF icon February 2020 3M Settlement biannual report (lrc‐pfc‐1sy20)