Wellhead and source water protection programs

Drinking from a fountainThe purpose of the Wellhead Protection Program is to prevent contamination of public drinking water supplies by identifying water supply recharge areas and implementing management practices for potential pollution sources found within those areas.

The program has now expanded to Source Water Protection to include supplies which rely on surface water. Community water supplies (city, subdivision, trailer park, etc.) and water supplies for certain schools, factories, hospitals, etc., will be required to do comprehensive source water protection programs. All other public drinking water supplies will be required to do a streamlined version.

Primary users of this program

Public water suppliers (including certain businesses operating public water supplies) are the primary customers and will be required to conduct source water protection. A broad range of MPCA-regulated facilities, businesses, etc. will be identified as contaminant sources and addressed by local management strategies.

Assistance and resources available

HTML icon Minnesota's Source Water Protection Program (Minnesota Dept. of Health) — Guidance documents on all aspects of wellhead and source water protection are available from the Minnesota Department of Health: 651-201-4700.

HTML icon Petroleum Remediation Program Maps Online interactive map application showing petroleum cleanup sites in relation to wellhead protection areas, drinking water supply management areas and source water assessments.

Program priorities

Public water supplies installing new wells and highest-ranking supplies based on vulnerability will be phased into program first.

For more information

  • Byron Adams, MPCA, 651-757-2180
  • For more information about source water protection, contact the Minnesota Department of Health, Source Water Protection Unit: 651-201-4700