Minnesota River - Headwaters

Source of Minnesota River at Ortonville

Nearly 87%  of the land in this watershed is privately owned. Land use in watershed is primarily agricultural, accounting for approximately 80% of the available acres. Two-year corn/soybean rotations comprise close to 90% of cropped lands within the watershed; small grains, hay, and grasslands enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program make up the majority of the balance.

What's being done

Monitoring and assessment

The Minnesota River-Headwaters watershed conducted intensive watershed monitoring in 2015-16. The stressor identification process is under way to determine what is stressing biological communities in the impaired reaches. Additional watershed data is being collected such as drainage and shoreline.

Strategy development for restoration and protection

Modeling was completed in 2017 for use in the development of the Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy due in 2020.