Mill Creek Bacteria and Pearl Lake Nutrients: TMDL Project

Minnesota's Impaired Waters and TMDLs


Mill Creek is a tributary to the Sauk River, located in the southeastern portion of the Sauk River watershed in central Minnesota. Mill Creek is impaired for Escherichia coli bacteria. Pearl Lake is a shallow, eutrophic lake approximately 750 acres in size, with a maximum depth of 18.2 feet and is impaired for Nutrient/Eutrophication Biological Indicators. Pearl Lake is also located in the Sauk River Watershed.

Local project sponsors and stakeholders are primarily the Sauk River Watershed District and Stearns County and the citizens of central Minnesota. Project is currently starting the public review of the TMDL and after addressing any comments will be sent to EPA for approval.

Map and location

Lower Sauk River is located in the Sauk River watershed, which lies in the south central portion of the Upper Mississippi Basin. The two impairments listed below included in this project can be viewed on the map.

  • Mill Creek Escherichia coli impairment
  • Pearl Lake Nutrient/Eutrophication Biological Indicators

For a map of this impairment, see the Google map below or the Impaired Waters Viewer.

TMDL report and implementation plan

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TMDL Project Manager
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