Septic system tank installation fee

The Minnesota Legislature passed a bill in the 2003 session that requires subsurface sewage treatment system (SSTS) installers to pay a $25 fee to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) for each septic system tank they install on or after July 1, 2003. In 2014 Minn. Stat. 115.551 was updated. The legislative update requires the MPCA to send the SSTS installer an invoice prior to the SSTS installer submitting payment to the MPCA for their tank fees.

Every SSTS installer is required to complete the SSTS Tank Installation Record/Submission Form to the MPCA by January 31 following the end of the calendar year. You must complete this form even if you installed zero septic system tanks. The MPCA will generate invoices from the numbers reported on the SSTS Tank Installation Record/Submission Form.

Complete the form below and submit it to the MPCA.

In approximately April following the end of the calendar year, the MPCA will send an invoice for payment to SSTS installers that reported installing one or more septic system tanks. The invoice is required to be paid within 30 days of receipt to avoid enforcement. Payment submittals should include both the invoice and the payment.

The money generated by the Septic System Tank Installation Fees is used by the MPCA to increase the level of service we provide to SSTS professionals. The law directs the MPCA to increase activity in the areas of:

  • new technology review
  • technical assistance for local governments
  • training individual sewage treatment system professionals
  • program planning
  • enforcement under Minnesota Statutes, sections 115.55 to 115.58