Media toolkit

The toolkit materials are protected under copyright, and limited use is granted to Minnesota county and municipal agencies under a Creative Commons License. Materials are distributed here for the sole purpose of recycling education within the state of Minnesota.

Bins and labels

Bins and containers play a crucial role in your recycling program. Using consistent labels and bins will help to increase participation and decrease contamination.

Best practices for bins and labels

  • Put recycling bins next to every trash bin. 
  • Make sure bins are visible and easy to get to.
  • Use clear, consistent bin colors: Blue for recyclables. Green for organics.

Clip art

The MPCA has a variety of high-resolution images for you to enhance your local efforts to promote recycling. To see the photo gallery or to download the images, visit MPCA's Flickr web pages.

Print ads

These customizable print-ready ads can be run in your local paper or newsletter.

Public service announcements

Originally designed for use in movie theaters, these PSAs can be used in a variety of online applications. They have been licensed for broadcast and website use in the state of Minnesota in perpetuity.

Radio PSAs

These PSAs have been licensed for on-air and website use in the state of Minnesota in perpetuity; voice talent royalties have been paid in full for use within Minnesota.

Recycling creates jobs

Recycling conserves energy

Recycling protects the environment

Stop treating me like garbage - 30 seconds

Stop treating me like garbage - 60 seconds