Emergency response

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Emergency Management Unit (EMU) members are responsible for organizing the MPCA's efforts for oil and hazardous material emergencies. Chemical fires, train derailments, pipeline breaks, tanker truck accidents and petroleum vapors in a sewer are examples of environmental and public health emergencies to which MPCA EMU members respond.

To request state assistance or to report a petroleum or hazardous materials spill, contact the Minnesota Duty Officer at:

  • 800-422-0798 or
  • 651-649-5451

These are 24-hours emergency response phone numbers.

The EMU works closely with local, county, state and federal public safety and environmental officials. On-call staff field over 2,000 spill calls annually for the entire state—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Internal and external spill prevention and preparedness is an important part of the EMU's strategic plan and is carried out through proactive community planning, fire department training, exercises and drills, and enforcement.

The mission of the Emergency Management Unit

  • Prevent unpermitted releases of pollutants
  • Ensure emergency preparedness and planning
  • Respond to environmental releases to support public safety protection and achieve cleanup. This is to be done in an efficient and coordinated fashion, which promotes a clean environment and satisfied stakeholders.

Members of the Emergency Management Unit, other MPCA staff, spillers and contractors are expected to follow the guidance in the PDF icon Emergency Management Program Spill Cleanup Policy.

Response plans

Rules and statutes

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