Data Sciences International, Inc. and Shavlik Technologies, LLC (former Northwest Quadrant Rendering Plant)

Data-Sciences-Internation-530Data Sciences International, Inc. (DSI) (formerly Transoma Medical, Inc.), a medical technology company that commercializes test equipment for biomedical research, moved into its New Brighton location in July 2008. DSI is the leading supplier of wireless, physiologic monitoring equipment for living biomedical research models. DSI's products are widely used in drug discovery and development, medical device development, and government and academic research to assess efficacy, safety and physiologic mechanisms. The company currently employs approximately 160 employees at this location.

Shavlik Technologies, LLC (Shavlik) moved its computer software protection business to this location in 2010. The company is a market leader in the simplification of computer network configuration, compliance and security and sets standards for patch solutions. The company has over 10,000 customers worldwide and provides the most up-to-date security patch data and the most comprehensive discovery capability to maintain overall network security integrity to its customers. The company employs 110 people at its new location.


This Northwest Quadrant brownfield development was part of the larger Northwest Quadrant Development area in New Brighton. The area that the building is built included the remnants of an old 1950's dump and a rendering plant that was located on the property. The City of New Brighton was responsible for the cleanup of the former dump soils so that development of the site was possible. Some additional soil work was done by Ryan Companies US, Inc. to accommodate the medical headquarters building.

Environmental issues and the cleanup process

  • A former dump was located on a portion of the property which contained metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from former burned dump materials.
  • A larger former dump, located to the south of the property, produces methane gas at levels of concern.
  • Approximately 9,780 cubic yards of soil was excavated from the site and disposed of in an industrial landfill.
  • A vapor control system was installed in the building to disperse any methane gas from the former dump.

Redevelopment of the site

  • The site was prepared for development by raising the grade after environmental work was completed.
  • Transoma Medical built its 118,000 square foot, $11 million headquarters building on the site and moved its headquarters into the completed building. Transoma ceased operations of its medical device division in 2009 and reformed its remaining business division as Data Sciences International, Inc.
  • Shavlik Technologies, LLC made its home in the building and brings quality jobs to New Brighton, Minnesota.

Economic benefits

  • Transoma Medical, Inc. initially employed approximately 300 people at its headquarters until it closed its medical device division in 2009.
  • Data Sciences International, Inc. employs 160 skilled people in the former Transoma building.
  • Shavlic Technologies, LLC employees 110 people at its New Brighton location and adds quality computer technology jobs to the area.
  • Quality jobs have been added in the New Brighton area and $453,526.00 is contributed annually to the tax base of the city of New Brighton.

Assurances received

  • November 20, 2007 – No Association Determination to New Brighton 14th Street LLC and Ryan Companies U.S., Inc.
  • November 20, 2007 – No Association Determination to lender for M and I Marshall and Ilsley Bank

Institutional controls

An Environmental Covenant was recorded for the Site on May 18, 2010.

Project partners

  • Data Sciences International, Inc. (formerly Transoma Medical, Inc.) and Shavlik Technologies, LLC.
  • The City of New Brighton, Ryan Companies US Inc., Barr Engineering and Liesch Associates, Inc.
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency VIC staff, John Betcher and Patrice Jensen.