2017: Member - Xinci Tan

2017 Minnesota GreenCorps member Xinci TanAbout me. I’ve lived in the Twin Cities for the past 5 years. I was born in Malaysia, but I’ve been moving around the Midwest since 2005. I love food and will eat anything at least twice. In my free time, I like to play sports of all kinds but most especially climbing, tennis, biking, and hiking. The only thing I dislike about living in Minnesota is the winter because summer is my favorite season. Surprisingly the cold hasn’t driven me away just yet. Other than that, I greatly enjoy reading, watching critically acclaimed movies, and having game night/potlucks with my friends.

About my service. I am serving with the city of St. Louis Park in the Waste Prevention and Recycling track. My main project revolves around increasing recycling participation and decreasing contamination rates in multi-family housing (e.g., apartments and condos). Additionally, I’ll be helping increase single-family participation in the city’s curbside organic recycling and creating better education for parks recycling.

Why I serve. I realized towards the end of my undergrad years that I wanted to make a career in sustainability and the environment. It was surprisingly obvious, like realizing you can see your own nose if you look down. By that time, it was too late to switch out of the biology track I had been following. Although there is overlap between the biological and environmental fields, it was difficult for me to find a job that wasn’t in a research lab. I’m hoping that Minnesota GreenCorps will be that segue for me. It’s already been such a great learning experience, and being around people who care just as much about the same things that I do has me convinced this is the right place to be.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Although there isn’t a shortage of beautiful parks, rivers, and lakes to hike, climb and fish around the state, Minneapolis will always be my favorite place. There are so many different varieties of foods to eat, so many festivals to enjoy, and so much overall arts and culture here I always seem to find something new around the corner.