2016: Member - Sarah Jordan

2016 GreenCorps member Sarah JordanAbout me. I grew up in Maine and moved to Minnesota after graduating from Carleton College in the spring of 2016. I studied geology at Carleton, and through this major I became interested in energy and environmental issues.

About my service. I serve as an Energy Conservation Corps Member working with Hennepin County Facility Services. My role is to create a standardized framework for cities in the county to adopt a benchmarking policy much like the energy disclosure policy that already exists in Minneapolis. I also work to find energy saving opportunities at buildings owned by Hennepin County by switching out existing lighting fixtures with more energy efficient LED fixtures.

Why I serve. I am interested in in environmental issues, and working with Minnesota GreenCorps provides a chance to tackle these issues and see real results in a community that I care about. Serving as a GreenCorps member has been an excellent opportunity to understand the energy issues in Hennepin County buildings, meet professionals in this field, and create positive change in Minnesota.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Lake of the Isles.