2015: Member - Alan Toczydlowski

2015 GreenCorps member: Alan ToczydlowskiAbout me. I grew up in Michigan’s rural Upper Peninsula where I came to love Nordic skiing, fishing, cycling, and many other outdoor activities. My passion for the natural world led me to the University of Minnesota Duluth where I earned my B.S. in Environmental Science. I plan to continue my education, studying wetlands in effort to better understand and manage our natural resources.

About my service. I am a member of the Urban Forestry track hosted by the City of Northfield. My service is integrated into the engineering and street departments. I am using trending technology and software to conduct a boulevard tree inventory and analyze it to establish best management practices for Northfield’s urban forest.

Why I serve. I am a member of MN GreenCorps because I have a great admiration and respect for the natural world. There is an outstanding need to protect our resources and teach communities the best ways to manage and utilize these resources. My service allows me to help manage the urban forest of an entire city, and every city makes a difference.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. I love many places throughout Minnesota and am always looking for new ones. To choose one, it would be the Big Bog State Recreation Area. This 500 square-mile peat bog is the largest in the lower 48 states. European settlers tried to drain the bog, but nature persisted and they failed. Today this beautiful wetland is home to thousands of species including some that are threatened and endangered.