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    Epitome Energy | Crookston, Minnesota

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    Heartland Colony Section 3

    Citizens' Petition for EAW Determination

    PDF icon Twin Spruce Farms Feedlot Expansion: Citizens' petition - letter of determination (p-ear2-193i)

    The project proposer withdrew their NPDES Feedlot Permit application to the MPCA (June 30, 2022), thus, there is no active project on which to complete any environmental review at this time. The petition will remain in effect for a period of one year.

    PDF icon Aitkin County Recycling and Transfer Facility - Citizens' petition (p-ear2-187h)

    The MPCA has not received a permit application for the project, therefore the petition is on hold.

    PDF icon Sioux Quartzite Quarry (Graff - Lorentz Quarry) - Citizens' petition: Findings of fact (p-ear2-189b)

    The MPCA determines that there is the potential for significant environmental effects reasonably expected to occur from the Sioux Quartzite Quarry, and that there is sufficient basis to require the preparation of an EAW. The 2022 petition was granted on May 15, 2022. The MPCA decision to grant the petition was appealed by the project proposer on June 13, 2022.

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    For information requests, such as past environmental review documents, contact MPCA's Records Management Department.