Grants for improving air quality through pollutant reduction

Every day, Minnesotans around the state breathe air pollution generated by facility processes. Exposure to these pollutants affects everyone’s health, from employees at the facility to members of the surrounding community.

By reducing air pollution, especially from pollutants that have a higher impact on human health and the environment than others, we can improve air quality and bring everyone access to the same clean air.

Funding available: MPCA is offering approximately $89,000 for projects that will reduce air emissions.

The funding aims to help small businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations take the leap and improve their environmental stewardship. Projects to acquire different equipment, update processes, or switch to cleaner products can save organizations money and protect the health of their employees and neighbors.

  • Application deadline: Wednesday, July 27, 4:00 pm CDT
  • Eligible applicants: Businesses under 500 employees, governmental agencies, educational institutions, tribes, or nongovernmental organizations (e.g., nonprofit or association) with any number of employees.
  • Maximum grant award: The maximum grant award is $25,000 per applicant. Applicants proposing projects at their own organization must match at least 25% of the total project cost. Applicants applying for funding to work with outside businesses do not have a match requirement.

Application materials

Additional references

Questions and answers

Applicants must submit all questions to, subject: “Improve air quality grant question.”

MPCA staff are not authorized to discuss this RFP with applicants outside of the question and answer forum. Contact regarding this RFP with any MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.

Q1: Can you please specify on the 25% match for the total project?
A1: For example, if the total cost of the eligible project is $30,000, an applicant could receive $22,500 in grant funding. The applicant would need to match $7,500. Mathematically, 75% of $30,000 is $22,500, the grant funding, and 25% of $30,000 is $7,500, in match requirement.

Q2: When you mention 'applicants proposing projects at their own organization' are you referring to the applicant not proposing their solution for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency?
A2: ”Applicant proposing projects at their own organization” refers to an applicant that will propose a project to occur at their associated:

  • For-profit business with 500 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, including parent company
  • Government entity
  • Educational institution
  • Non-profit organization, or
  • Tribal entity

Q3: Is the focus of this grant outdoor air quality through pollutant reduction or is it focused on indoor air quality through pollutant reduction?
A3: The focus is on outdoor air quality issues. For example, the Legislative report on The air we breathe addresses pressing issues facing Minnesota: PDF icon The air we breathe: The state of Minnesota's air quality - 2021 (lraq-2sy21)

Q4: Is there a number of anticipated awards for this RFP?
A4: Number of awards will be dependent on the highest scoring eligible applicants and amount of funds granted. Approximately $89,000 in funding is available. Additional funding may become available or MPCA may choose not to award all funding. The award maximum is $25,000; there is not a minimum award amount. A 100-point scale will be used to evaluate eligible applications and develop final recommendations (See Exhibit 1: PDF icon Improve air quality Request for proposals (p-f2-53a-fy22)).

Q5: Is the application attachment the only document that is required for the 7/27/22 submission?
A5: Yes. However, An applicant may provide attachments to demonstrate how the estimated reduction(s) provided in the application are reached.  

Q6: Where do you see this project going after all eligible awardees are selected?
A6: Upon selection and internal processing of the application, a grant agreement will be drafted with the awardee: PDF icon Sample grant agreement (p-f2-53d-fy22)