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Environmental Assessment Worksheets

Open for public comment

PDF icon Magellan Rochester Terminal Expansion Project - EAW (p-ear2-155a)

Public comment period: 1-7-19 to 2-6-19; Project manager: Steve Sommer

Public comment ended, under review

Projects that have completed public comment and are awaiting findings of fact.

PDF icon Prairie Feeders, LLC - FP21 Site - EAW (p-ear2-154a)

Catalpa Ag, LLC

Recently completed MPCA reviews

Scotch Prairie Farms, LLC

Daley Farms of Lewiston, LLP - 2018 Dairy Expansion

John Perschbacher Hog Farm - Conger

North Ottawa Dairy

CJ Swine LLC, Swine Facility

Klemmensen Brothers

Scott Lynch - Buffalo Lake

Mankato Solid Waste Transfer Station

Slater Brothers Livestock LLC (Section 16)

Northern Metals, LLC - Becker

Rabbit Run - South, Middle and North Sites

Deer Creek Run, LLC Expansion

Lamont Swine

Walters Recycling and Refuse

Tire Aggregate, LLC

Nick Henning - Sundberg site

Swenoda Dairy

Andy Henning - Home site

Valley Pork LLP

Deer Creek Run, LLC

Hi-Way 30 Hogs

Rice County landfill expansion

Leilyn Hogs feedlot expansion

Citizens' Petition for EAW Determination

Hardrives Inc. asphalt plant

Bituminous Roadways Inc. Asphalt plant

Environmental Impact Statements

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