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Open for public comment

PDF icon John Perschbacher Hog Farm - Conger - EAW (p-ear2-147a)

Public comment period: 9-10-18 to 10-10-18; Project manager: Steve Sommer

PDF icon Scotch Prairie Farms, LLC - EAW (p-ear2-106a)

Public comment period: 9-3-18 to 10-3-18; Project manager: Nancy Drach

Public comment ended, under review

Projects that have completed public comment and are awaiting findings of fact.

Recently completed MPCA reviews

North Ottawa Dairy

CJ Swine LLC, Swine Facility

Klemmensen Brothers

Scott Lynch - Buffalo Lake

Mankato Solid Waste Transfer Station

Slater Brothers Livestock LLC (Section 16)

Northern Metals, LLC - Becker

Rabbit Run - South, Middle and North Sites

Deer Creek Run, LLC Expansion

Lamont Swine

Walters Recycling and Refuse

Tire Aggregate, LLC

Nick Henning - Sundberg site

Swenoda Dairy

Andy Henning - Home site

Valley Pork LLP

Deer Creek Run, LLC

Hi-Way 30 Hogs

Rice County landfill expansion

Leilyn Hogs feedlot expansion

Citizens' Petition for EAW Determination

Hardrives Inc. asphalt plant

Scotch Prairie Farms feedlot expansion

Bituminous Roadways Inc. Asphalt plant

Environmental Impact Statements

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For information requests, such as past environmental review documents, submit an Information Request through our Records Management Department.