Changes in SCORE Reporting

PDF icon SCORE Implementation Plan (lrp-p2s-4sy11)

In compliance with the wishes of the Legislature, the 2009 SCORE survey was abbreviated in scope and the reporting process has been streamlined. A workgroup of local government members worked with the MPCA to recommend ways to reduce the burden of SCORE reporting.

  1. Some of the information submitted by counties in the previous year will be preloaded into the online SCORE Reporting Form. The expectation of the workgroup is that each county will review the pre-loaded previous year’s information by tabbing through and make needed changes to reflect previous-year activities.
  2. Some of the fields that are not involved in calculations will be disabled, reducing the amount of information gathered.
  3. Data which the workgroup have identified as unnecessary or redundant will no longer be compiled by the MPCA.

Please note that these changes involve principally survey questions and related data; counties will still report documented actual tonnages in the same manner as prior years.