MPCA announces members of first Environmental Justice Advisory Group

Contact: Pam McCurdy, 651-757-2559

Saint Paul, Minn. — Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner John Linc Stine, with the assistance of a selection committee, has invited 16 individuals from around Minnesota to advise the MPCA on matters related to environmental justice.  The group will provide input and recommendations about ways to incorporate the principles of environmental justice into the agency’s work.

Along with other state agencies, the MPCA is striving to achieve equitable treatment and engagement of all people. In doing so, all Minnesotans will benefit from healthy air, land and water.

“It's easy to talk about remedying the disproportionate impacts of past pollution and preventing future harm, but much more difficult to put those words into action,” said Commissioner Stine. “This advisory group is an important step in making sure that equity is addressed in our work."

The MPCA’s environmental justice framework outlines goals and strategies to ensure that all Minnesotans benefit equally from environmental protection. Forming the Environmental Justice Advisory Group is one step intended to increase accountability and engagement between the public and the agency.

The advisory group will provide recommendations and advise the MPCA Commissioner in four key areas, including:                                                                                                                     

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the MPCA in implementing its environmental justice framework, including assisting the agency in determining ways to measure success;
  • Providing recommendations to the MPCA Commissioner on improvements to policies and procedures to ensure integration of environmental justice principles into the agency’s work;
  • Providing input to the MPCA on activities and timeframes for framework implementation; and
  • Collaborating with the MPCA to improve civic engagement around environmental justice issues and acting as liaisons to strengthen communication and relations.   

The MPCA expects the first meeting of the advisory group to be in October 2016.  All meetings will be open to the public.  

Information about the members of the advisory group, the selection process and MPCA’s environmental justice work can be found on the Environmental Justice Advisory Group webpage.