Manufacturers of nonlead tackle

Non-lead fishing tackle is not a novelty product. Ask for it at retailers and shops, and visit these tackle web sites. We maintain this simple database of companies manufacturing lead-free tackle—weights of all shapes and sizes that are made without toxic lead.

Non-toxic tackle products Company
Bismuth jigs Glasswater Angling LLC
Bismuth jigs Northland Fishing Tackle*
Bismuth jigs and weights

The Lunkah Huntah Tackle Company

Cement weights Swivits
Tin jigs BiCO Performance Jigs
Tin jigs and weights Timmy Tom's Jig Co.
Tungsten jigs Clam Pro Tackle*
Tungsten jigs Fish Daddy*
Tungsten jigs

Fiskas Wolfram Jigs

Tungsten jigs Jeff's Jigs*
Tungsten jigs Jig Mania
Tungsten jigs Kenders Outdoors
Tungsten jigs Larson's Quality Jigs*
Tungsten jigs Motley Fishing*
Tungsten jigs RBM Jigs
Tungsten jigs Rocky Ledge Tackle
Tungsten jigs Sportsmen's Direct
Tungsten jigs Widow Maker Lures
Tungsten jigs Venom Outdoors*
Tungsten jigs Vexan
Tungsten weights Conquistador Tackle Company
Tungsten weights Design-ALL LLC
Tungsten weights Dr. Drop Sinkers
Tungsten weights Elite Tungsten Company
Tungsten weights Picasso Lures LLC
Tungsten weights River2Sea
Tungsten weights Strike King Lure Company
Tungsten jigs and weights Alley's Tungsten Behemoth Lures
Tungsten jigs and weights BassTEK
Tungsten jigs and weights Eco Pro Tungsten
Tungsten jigs and weights Lead Free Bass Jigs
Tungsten jigs and weights Siebert Outdoors
Tungsten jigs and weights Woo! Tungsten
Tungsten and limestone weights RockyBrook Sinkers
Tungsten putty Stone Creek
Tungsten putty and tin weights BossTin
Tungsten putty and tin weights Loon Outdoors
Various Bullet Weights
Various Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle
Various Tacklesmith
Various Tackle Warehouse
Various Yakima Bait Co.

*Minnesota-based companies


The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill directly affected between 600 and 1,000 common loons and indirectly affected more loons in the years after the disaster. Through a process known as Natural Resource Damage Assessment, the Deepwater Horizon Trustees assessed natural resources injuries that resulted from the 2010 oil spill and entered into a settlement agreement with BP. The MPCA was awarded $1.27 million by the Deepwater Horizon Open Ocean Trustee Technical Implementation Group to implement the Get the Lead Out! campaign to help restore the loon population. The Gulf of Mexico is a primary wintering area for common loons from Minnesota. Learn more about Minnesota's common loon on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources web site.