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A variety of lead-free tackle products is available. Ask for alternatives to lead at your local retailer and explore our list below of companies selling lead-free fishing tackle.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer of lead-free tackle and want to be added to this list, email us at

Lead-free tackle available to purchase directly from these companies

* Minnesota-based company     |     ° All tackle products from this company are lead-free

CompanyProductMaterialType of fishing
13 FishingJigsTungstenAll Purpose
6th SenseWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Acme Tackle CompanyJigsTungstenAll Purpose
Acme Tackle CompanySpoonsTungstenOpen Water
Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Ambush Lure Company °JigsTungstenOpen Water
American Berserker Outdoors ° *SpinnersOtherOpen Water
Amped Outdoors °JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Amped Outdoors °KitsTungstenIce Fishing
Angler Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Angler Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
ARKWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Arkie LuresJigsBismuthOpen Water
Arsenal Tackle *JigsTungstenOpen Water
Arsenal Tackle *WeightsTungstenOpen Water
Bambuie Bear °WeightsTungstenOpen Water
Bass Pro ShopsWeightsTinOpen Water
Bass Pro ShopsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Bass Pro ShopsJigsTungstenOpen Water
BassdashJigsTungstenIce Fishing
BassTEK ° *JigsTungstenOpen Water
BassTEK ° *WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Beast Coast FishingJigsTungstenOpen Water
BiCO Performance JigsJigsTinOpen Water
Big Fish OnJigsTungstenOpen Water
Big Fish OnWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Big Sky FliesJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Black Angel LuresJigsTungstenOpen Water
Black Angel LuresWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Bob4Bass Custom JigsJigsTungstenOpen Water
Bob4Bass Custom JigsWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Bold North Outdoors ° *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
BossTin °JigsBismuthOpen Water
BossTin °WeightsTinAll Purpose
BossTin °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Brian's Custom Tackle  *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Bruiser BaitsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Bruiser BaitsJigsTungstenOpen Water
Catch OutdoorsJigsOtherOpen Water
Catch OutdoorsJigsTungstenOpen Water
Catch OutdoorsJigsBismuthOpen Water
Central Lake Fly Company °JigsTungstenFly Fishing
Circle TackleJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Clam Outdoors *JigsTungstenAll Purpose
Conquistador Tackle CompanyWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
CortlandWeightsTinAll Purpose
Crystaleyes *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Crystaleyes *KitsTungstenIce Fishing
Custom Jigs & SpinsKitsTungstenIce Fishing
Custom Jigs & SpinsJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Dave's Tangle Free °KitsSteelAll Purpose
Dave's Tangle Free °WeightsSteelAll Purpose
Dead End Lures °JigsBismuthOpen Water
Dead End Lures °SpinnersStoneOpen Water
Design-ALL, LLC °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Digger's Jig TailsKitsTungstenIce Fishing
Digger's Jig TailsJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Dominator °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Dominator °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Dr. FishWeightsTinAll Purpose
Dr. FishWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Dr. FishJigsTungstenOpen Water
DynamicJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Eco Pro Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Eco Pro Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Eco Pro Tungsten °SpinnersTungstenOpen Water
Epic BaitsWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
EurotackleJigsTungstenAll Purpose
EurotackleWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
EurotackleSpoonsTungstenAll Purpose
Evolution Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Evolution Tungsten °WeightsTungstenOpen Water
Fish BumSpoonsTungstenAll Purpose
Fish Daddy *KitsTungstenAll Purpose
Fish Daddy *JigsTungstenAll Purpose
Fish FrostbiteJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Fish FrostbiteSpoonsTungstenAll Purpose
Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs ° *JigsTinAll Purpose
Fitzgerald FishingJigsTungstenOpen Water
Fitzgerald FishingWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Flipside Outdoors °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Flipside Outdoors °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Fulling MillWeightsTungstenFly Fishing
GamakatsuWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Glasswater Angling °JigsBismuthAll Purpose
Glasswater Angling °WeightsIronAll Purpose
Glasswater Angling °WeightsTinAll Purpose
Googan SquadWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Grunters Outdoors °WeightsBismuthOpen Water
GT Ice FishingJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Hareline JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Hareline °WeightsTungstenFly Fishing
Harmony Fishing CompanyJigsTungstenOpen Water
Harmony Fishing CompanyWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Hawg TechWeightsTungstenOpen Water
High Caliber LuresJigsTungstenIce Fishing
HildebrandtJigsTinOpen Water
Hook Headz °JigsTinOpen Water
Jade's Jigs °JigsBismuthOpen Water
Jammin Jigs *KitsTungstenIce Fishing
JB Lures *JigsTungstenAll Purpose
Jeff's Jigs *JigsTungstenAll Purpose
JR's Tackle *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Judge's Jaw JackersJigsTungstenIce Fishing
K&E SkandiaJigsTungstenIce Fishing
K&E SkandiaKitsTungstenIce Fishing
Kajun Boss OutdoorsWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Keitech °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Kenders Outdoors *KitsTungstenAll Purpose
Kenders Outdoors *JigsTungstenAll Purpose
Kenders Outdoors *WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
KhangBro Lures *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
KhangBro Lures *WeightsTungstenOpen Water
Lake Fork TackleWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Larson's Quality Jigs *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Lead Free Bass Jigs °JigsBismuthOpen Water
Lead Free Bass Jigs °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
LindySpoonsPlasticAll Purpose
Loon Outdoors °WeightsTinAll Purpose
Loon Outdoors °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Lunkah Huntah °JigsBismuthOpen Water
Lunkah Huntah °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Lunkah Huntah °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Lunkah Huntah °WeightsBismuthAll Purpose
Lunker CityWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Marmish °JigsBismuthIce Fishing
Maynards / Neon Lites *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
MONSTERBASSWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Motley Fishing °JigsTungstenAll Purpose
Motley Fishing °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Mudd Butt BaitsJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Mudd Butt BaitsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Mudd Butt BaitsJigsTungstenOpen Water
MustadWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Nako °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Nako °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Native Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Native Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
NLBNJigsTinOpen Water
Northland Fishing Tackle *JigsTungstenOpen Water
Northland Fishing Tackle *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Nymph-HeadJigsTungstenFly Fishing
Om Fishing Sinkers °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Om Fishing Sinkers °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
OmegaWeightsTungstenOpen Water
OrvisJigsTungstenFly Fishing
OrvisWeightsTungstenFly Fishing
Outdoor HookerzJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Panfish PlasticsJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Papa Bear Fishing °JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Papa Bear Fishing °KitsTungstenIce Fishing
ParasiteWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Pepper Custom BaitsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Picasso LuresJigsTungstenOpen Water
Picasso LuresWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
PJ's Tackle Co °JigsBismuthOpen Water
PK LuresSpoonsTungstenIce Fishing
Precision Tungsten and TackleWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Pur.Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Queen Tackle °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Queen Tackle °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Rabid BaitsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Rare Monster °JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Rare Monster °WeightsTinOpen Water
RBM Jigs/Lake Effect LuresJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Reaction TackleJigsTungstenAll Purpose
Reaction TackleWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Reef RunnerSpoonsTungstenOpen Water
ReinsWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Riot BaitsJigsTungstenOpen Water
Riot BaitsWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
River2SeaWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Rocky Brook SinkersWeightsLimestoneOpen Water
Rocky Brook SinkersWeightsMarbleOpen Water
Rocky Brook SinkersKitsStoneOpen Water
Rocky Brook SinkersWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Rocky Ledge Tackle °SpinnersPewterOpen Water
Rocky Ledge Tackle  °JigsPewterOpen Water
Rosemore Outdoor Gear *JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Runs True FishingWeightsSteelAll Purpose
SCHEELS OutfittersWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Scream n' SteelSpinnersTungstenOpen Water
Siebert OutdoorsJigsTungstenOpen Water
Siebert OutdoorsWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Silver Skalez TackleSpinnersSteelOpen Water
SixgillWeightsTungstenOpen Water
SPROWeightsTungstenOpen Water
SPROCrankbaitsTungstenOpen Water
Stone CreekWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Strike King Lure CompanyWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Strike King Lure CompanyJigsTungstenOpen Water
Tackle Outfit °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Tactical Fishing °JigsGlassAll Purpose
Tasty Tackle °JigsTungstenAll Purpose
The Fishing VaultWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
The Gapen Company *JigsTinIce Fishing
Tiger Eye Glass Jigs °JigsGlassAll Purpose
tinmanlures °JigsTinOpen Water
Titan Tungsten °JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Titan Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
TKO Tungsten °WeightsTungstenOpen Water
TKO Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
TMO TackleWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Tooth Shield TackleKitsTungstenIce Fishing
Tooth Shield TackleJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Tooth Shield TackleSpoonsTungstenIce Fishing
Tooth Shield TackleWeightsTungstenIce Fishing
TP TackleJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Trio TackleKitsTungstenIce Fishing
Trio TackleJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Tungsten 4 AnglersWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Tungsten 4 AnglersJigsTungstenAll Purpose
Tungsten 4 AnglersSpoonsTungstenAll Purpose
Tungsten Fishing Weights °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
UmpquaJigsTungstenFly Fishing
Venom OutdoorsJigsTungstenIce Fishing
Venom OutdoorsSpoonsTungstenAll Purpose
VexanJigsTungstenIce Fishing
VexanJigsTungstenIce Fishing
VMCKitsTungstenAll Purpose
VMCJigsTungstenAll Purpose
VMCWeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Weapons of Bass DestructionJigsTungstenOpen Water
Weapons of Bass DestructionWeightsTungstenOpen Water
Wicked Weights °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
Wicked Weights °JigsTungstenIce Fishing
Wicked Weights °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Widow Maker LuresKitsTungstenAll Purpose
Widow Maker LuresJigsTungstenAll Purpose
Widow Maker LuresJigsTungstenOpen Water
Wildfish °JigsBismuthAll Purpose
Woo! Tungsten °KitsTungstenAll Purpose
Woo! Tungsten °JigsTungstenOpen Water
Woo! Tungsten °WeightsTungstenAll Purpose
X ZoneWeightsTungstenOpen Water
X ZoneJigsTungstenOpen Water

Products from these companies are only sold through retailers

Look for lead-free tackle products from these companies at your favorite bait and tackle store.

CompanyProductMaterialType of fishing
Bullet WeightsSteelWeightsOpen Water
Bullet WeightsTinWeightsAll Purpose
Bullet WeightsTinJigsOpen Water
Bullet WeightsTungstenWeightsOpen Water
DanielsonTinWeightsAll Purpose
DanielsonSteelWeightsAll Purpose
Diamond TackleTinJigsOpen Water
DinsmoreTinWeightsAll Purpose
Eagle Claw Fishing TackleSteelWeightsOpen Water
Eagle Claw Fishing TackleTinJigsOpen Water
Eagle Claw Fishing TackleTinWeightsAll Purpose
Elite Tungsten CompanyTungstenWeightsOpen Water
FISKASTungstenJigsOpen Water
Heavy Metal TungstenTungstenWeightsOpen Water
Heavy Metal TungstenTungstenJigsOpen Water
KaharaTungstenJigsOpen Water
ReinsTungstenWeightsOpen Water
ReinsTungstenJigsOpen Water
RPETungstenWeightsOpen Water
RPETungstenJigsOpen Water
SemperfliTinWeightsFly Fishing
Tommy C'sTungstenJigsIce Fishing
Water Gremlin *SteelWeightsOpen Water
Water Gremlin *TinWeightsAll Purpose
ZappuTungstenWeightsOpen Water
ZappuTungstenJigsOpen Water

These lists were last updated January 2024.

Reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, but the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any implied uses of these data.