Manufacturers and retailers of lead-free tackle

A variety of lead-free tackle products are available. Ask for alternatives to lead at your local retailer and explore our list below of companies selling lead-free fishing tackle.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer of lead-free tackle and want to be added to this list, email us at

Companies that have only lead-free products

(* - available retail only)

Material Product Company
Bismuth Jigs PJ's Tackle Co
Bismuth Jigs Lead Free Lures
Bismuth Jigs BossTin
Bismuth Jigs American Berserker Outdoors
Bismuth Jigs Spinner Aas Fishing Lures
Bismuth Jigs Lead Free Bass Jigs
Bismuth Jigs Jade's Jigs
Bismuth Jigs Glasswater Angling
Bismuth Jigs Tacklesmith
Bismuth Weights Spinner Aas Fishing Lures
Tin Jigs tinmanlures
Tin Jigs Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs
Tin Weights BossTin
Tin Weights Loon Outdoors
Tin Kits Fisherbeck Easy Threading Jigs
Steel Weights Dave's Tangle Free
Steel Kits Dave's Tangle Free
Tungsten Jigs Tasty Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Queen Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Motley Fishing
Tungsten Jigs Keitech
Tungsten Jigs Flipside Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Bold North Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Angler Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures
Tungsten Jigs Woo! Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs BassTEK
Tungsten Jigs Swagger Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs Resolute Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Pur.Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs Heavy Metal Fishing
Tungsten Jigs Fish On Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs Eco Pro Tungsten
Tungsten Jigs Amped Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Ambush Lure Company
Tungsten Jigs Tacklesmith
Tungsten Jigs Sandman Custom Lures
Tungsten Jigs Om Fishing Sinkers
Tungsten Weights Design-ALL, LLC
Tungsten Weights Queen Tackle
Tungsten Weights Motley Fishing
Tungsten Weights Flipside Outdoors
Tungsten Weights BossTin
Tungsten Weights Angler Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Alley's Tungsten - Behemoth Lures
Tungsten Weights Woo! Tungsten
Tungsten Weights BassTEK
Tungsten Weights Titan Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Swagger Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Pur.Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Loon Outdoors
Tungsten Weights Lead Free Bass Jigs
Tungsten Weights Heavy Metal Fishing
Tungsten Weights Fish On Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Eco Pro Tungsten
Tungsten Weights Om Fishing Sinkers
Tungsten Kits Woo! Tungsten
Tungsten Kits Resolute Tackle
Tungsten Kits Amped Outdoors
Iron Weights Glasswater Angling
Glass Jigs Tactical Fishing
Glass Jigs Shallow Glass Lures
Lead-free Pewter Jigs Rocky Ledge Tackle

Additional companies that have some lead-free products

(* - available retail only)

Material Product Company
Bismuth Jigs Northland Fishing Tackle
Bismuth Jigs Arkie Lures
Tin Jigs Diamond Tackle*
Tin Jigs Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle
Tin Jigs BiCO Performance Jigs
Tin Jigs The Gapen Company
Tin Weights Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle
Tin Weights Bullet Weights*
Tin Weights Danielson*
Tin Weights Water Gremlin*
Steel Weights Bullet Weights*
Steel Weights Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle
Steel Weights Danielson*
Steel Weights Water Gremlin*
Steel Spinners Silver Skalez Tackle
Tungsten Jigs FISKAS*
Tungsten Jigs Venom Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Trio Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Kahara*
Tungsten Jigs Tackle Supply Depot
Tungsten Jigs Strike King Lure Company
Tungsten Jigs Russell Marine Products
Tungsten Jigs Riot Baits
Tungsten Jigs Real Deal Custom Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Reaction Tackle
Tungsten Jigs VMC
Tungsten Jigs Picasso Lures
Tungsten Jigs Orvis
Tungsten Jigs Maynards / Neon Lites
Tungsten Jigs Lindy*
Tungsten Jigs Larson's Quality Jigs
Tungsten Jigs Kenders Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Harmony Fishing Company
Tungsten Jigs Fish Daddy
Tungsten Jigs Outdoor Hookerz
Tungsten Jigs Eurotackle
Tungsten Jigs Precision Tungsten and Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Drop Zone Baits
Tungsten Jigs Bob4Bass Custom Jigs
Tungsten Jigs Circle Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Catch Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Beast Coast Fishing
Tungsten Jigs Acme Tackle Company
Tungsten Jigs Vexan
Tungsten Jigs Tooth Shield Tackle
Tungsten Jigs K&E Skandia
Tungsten Jigs Sportsmen's Direct
Tungsten Jigs Siebert Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs Northland Fishing Tackle
Tungsten Jigs Clam Outdoors
Tungsten Jigs PK Lures
Tungsten Jigs Panfish Plastics
Tungsten Jigs Outkast Tackle
Tungsten Jigs RBM Jigs / Lake Effect Lures
Tungsten Jigs Jeff's Jigs
Tungsten Jigs JB Lures
Tungsten Jigs Fitzgerald Fishing
Tungsten Jigs Custom Jigs & Spins
Tungsten Jigs Black Angel Lures
Tungsten Jigs Big Sky Flies
Tungsten Jigs 13 Fishing
Tungsten Jigs Widow Maker Lures
Tungsten Weights Bullet Weights*
Tungsten Weights Elite Tungsten Company*
Tungsten Weights Tackle Supply Depot
Tungsten Weights Strike King Lure Company
Tungsten Weights SCHEELS Outfitters
Tungsten Weights Russell Marine Products
Tungsten Weights Rocky Brook Sinkers
Tungsten Weights River2Sea
Tungsten Weights Riot Baits
Tungsten Weights Reins
Tungsten Weights Real Deal Custom Tackle
Tungsten Weights Reaction Tackle
Tungsten Weights VMC
Tungsten Weights Picasso Lures
Tungsten Weights Pepper Custom Baits
Tungsten Weights Orvis
Tungsten Weights Kenders Outdoors
Tungsten Weights Kajun Boss Outdoors
Tungsten Weights Harmony Fishing Company
Tungsten Weights Eurotackle
Tungsten Weights Precision Tungsten and Tackle
Tungsten Weights Drop Zone Baits
Tungsten Weights Bob4Bass Custom Jigs
Tungsten Weights Beast Coast Fishing
Tungsten Weights Siebert Outdoors
Tungsten Weights Mustad
Tungsten Weights MONSTERBASS
Tungsten Weights Fitzgerald Fishing
Tungsten Weights Black Angel Lures
Tungsten Weights Danielson*
Tungsten Weights Conquistador Tackle Company
Tungsten Weights Stone Creek
Tungsten Kits Trio Tackle
Tungsten Kits VMC
Tungsten Kits Kenders Outdoors
Tungsten Kits Fish Daddy
Tungsten Kits Vexan
Tungsten Kits Tooth Shield Tackle
Tungsten Kits K&E Skandia
Tungsten Kits Jammin Jigs
Tungsten Kits Custom Jigs & Spins
Tungsten Kits Widow Maker Lures
Glass Jigs Tiger Eye Glass Jigs*
Limestone Weights Rocky Brook Sinkers
Marble Weights Rocky Brook Sinkers
Other Jigs Catch Outdoors

Reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, but the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any implied uses of these data.