Get involved

Collage of volunteers helping Minnesota's environment

Working together for healthy communities

The responsibility to protect and restore Minnesota’s land, water, and air falls on all of us, not just environmental professionals. In fact, it's the combination of many of us, outside of our paid work, that can have the greatest impact. Plus, did you know that volunteering is linked to happiness, health, and career benefits?

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), we invite you to find a way to give to your community through volunteerism and service. Pick a DIY project, one-time event, or a supported program that creates community among volunteers. Start small and add effort where you find reward and joy.

Simple, fun activities you can do on your own

  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood.Woman sweeping grass clippings on sidewalk
  • Sweep up trash, leaves, and dirt around the storm drains on your street.   
  • Dedicate a row in your garden for the local food shelf.
  • Organize a swapping party for clothes, toys, or books.
  • Help a neighbor in need with outdoor chores that benefit the environment, like picking up pet waste, bringing yard waste to the compost site, or turning the compost pile.

Earth Day events

  • Look for events on the EE Portal @MAEE, an online hub for environmental education.

Community science programs

Volunteer data collectors are scientists. They observe and record information about the natural world and contribute to a growing need for environmental data.

Leadership programs for environmental volunteers

Minnesota GreenCorps

AmeriCorps programs

Additional ideas and resources for volunteering