Kick Gas

Eco Experience will be back at the 2022 State Fair: Aug. 25 - Sept. 5

Kick Gas is an exhibit dedicated to options to bike, walk and take public transit.Statewide, Minnesota transit systems provide 12 million rides each year! By moving more people with fewer vehicles, public transportation can reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve energy.


Exhibitors include MetroTransit, Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, and ERIK'S Bike Board SkiMetro Transit is the transportation resource for the Twin Cities, offering an integrated network of buses, light rail and commuter trains. Their life-size interactive exhibit at the fair will help people learn how to pay and use public transit.

MnDOT's goal is to build and maintain safe, reliable, multimodal transportation systems. Learn more about the 40 systems (30 rural, 7 small urban, and 6 tribal) that ensure transportation to work, school, medical facilities, meal sites, and leisure activities.

ERIK'S Bike Board Ski strives to support the community by giving adults and children alike the opportunity to get on a bike and ride. The exhibit will have an e-bike on a trainer stand for visitors to test ride. The company has recently relocated to Minneapolis, where up to 70% of their building's power is provided by 538 solar panels.

What you can see and do

Bike riders in the cityBike to Kick Gas. Transportation accounts for approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota. Bikes take much less energy to produce and maintain than cars, and biking is a low-carbon transportation option that improves air quality for us all!

Take transit. Public transit kicks gas every day. Metro Transit offers a life-size, interactive exhibit to feel comfortable riding the bus. Sit in the driver’s seat of a bus replica, use real ticket machines, card readers and fare box, try putting your bike on the bus’s bike rack without feeling rushed and get practice for the real deal.

Public transit reduces pollution