Kick Gas

Pollution from vehicles on our roads is increasing due to the number of vehicles and trips taken. Learn ways to reduce vehicle use as well as improve mileage. See the giant bike and help power it. Practice safe walking and biking in Safety Town. Be inspired by the variety of ways that people get around.


Exhibitors at the Kick Gas displayMetro Transit is the transportation resource for the Twin Cities, offering an integrated network of buses, light rail and commuter trains. Their life-size interactive exhibit at the fair will help people learn how to pay and use public transit.

MnDOT's goal is to build and maintain a safe, reliable, and multimodal transportation system for our city. Explore multimodal transit through an interactive tilt table game.

HourCar provides members with hourly access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles. Maybe you don’t need a car (or a second car)—or the maintenance, insurance, and depreciation that come with it!

Nice Ride Minnesota has over 1,800 bikes available 24/7 from 200+ locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hop on a bike at any station and return it anywhere in the system. Sit on a Nice Ride bike at the Eco Experience and imagine where it could take you.


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  • Hennepin County

What you can see and do

Explore Safety Town to learn walking and biking habits that will help you “kick gas” in the safest way possible.

Safety Town teaches kids all about walking and biking safely.

Bike to Kick Gas. Transportation accounts for approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota. Bikes take much less energy to produce and maintain than cars, and biking is a low-carbon transportation option that improves air quality for us all!

Pedaling a giant bike

Take Metro Transit. Public transit kicks gas every day. Metro Transit offers a life-size, interactive exhibit to feel comfortable riding the bus. Sit in the driver’s seat of a bus replica, use real ticket machines, card readers and fare box, try putting your bike on the bus’s bike rack without feeling rushed and get practice for the real deal.