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A “building sewer connected to a septic system” is the pipe that connects the end of a structure’s building drain to a septic system. Under Minnesota rules, building sewers connected to septic systems are co-defined as a component of both the plumbing system and the septic system. All building sewers are defined as plumbing. The Minnesota Plumbing Code defines building sewer specifications, and work on building sewers is subject to the requirements of the plumbing program. Building sewers connected to septic systems are also defined as components of septic systems. This creates some flexibility about who can conduct this work:

  • Properly bonded septic system design contractors may now design building sewers connected to septic systems.
  • Properly bonded septic system inspection contractors or local government qualified employees may permit and inspect building sewers connected to septic systems for compliance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code, under certain conditions.
  • Septic system installers may install building sewers if they hold a plumbing license or a pipe laying certificate.

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Surety bonding

All SSTS businesses must maintain a $25,000 surety bond to cover code and contract compliance for plumbing and SSTS activities. All installer-designated certified individuals must submit proof of completed pipe laying training or a personal plumbing license to the MPCA to maintain their certification.


    • Your agent must help you execute a bond form for your SSTS Business License.
  • Plumbing contractor license holders — Plumbing contractors licensee through the Department of Labor and Industry must submit a “duplicate original” of your Plumbing Contractor Surety Bond. The duplicate is identical to the original bond form, but with real original signatures, seals, and any other instruments of execution. Your agent or surety can help you obtain this form. 
    • Designated certified installers must submit proof of pipelaying training to the MPCA to stay affiliated with the business.