Diesel Emissions Reduction Act grants

Clean diesel grants

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DERA background

U.S. EPA allocates funds to states and territories for the establishment of grant, rebate and loan programs promoting clean diesel.

In Minnesota, the Pollution Control Agency has targeted grants on replacing large, older diesel engines that spew a lot of pollution. Changing even one of them to a newer, cleaner-burning model can be the same as taking thousands of cars off the road.

Tough love for old diesels. Part of the DERA grant requirements include disabling the old engine and/or vehicle chassis when they are replaced. A hole must be cut into the old engine block, rendering it inoperative. If an entire truck is replaced, the frame must also be cut to discourage someone from buying it and installing an old high-polluting engine. The grantee can keep vehicle parts and any income from scrapping the engine or vehicle.


A 3-inch hole made in engine block to permanently retire it.
Cutting the frame permanently retires this old diesel truck.
Rock crusher with new clean diesel engine.