MPCA training events and COVID-19

Certifications, trainings and COVID-19. Certifications scheduled to expire between March 13, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021, will not lapse as a result of course cancellations or COVID-19 related restrictions. See program-specific information on certification and training.

The coronavirus and evolving variants continue to circulate and spread in our communities. We are asking that you bring a mask to our events, even if you are fully vaccinated. We are strongly encouraging attendees to wear a mask at Agency-hosted events. Agency staff are required to wear masks at this time. MPCA partners, venues, and local jurisdictions may require masks, so please be prepared to wear one.

In keeping with social distancing requirements, classrooms will be set up to keep people at least six feet apart.

Please continue to take important public health precautions and stay home if you are sick.