MPCA Environmental Justice Advisory Group

The Environmental Justice Advisory Group advises the MPCA Commissioner on implementation of the agency's environmental justice framework, provides feedback on its effectiveness, and offer suggestions for future improvements.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the MPCA in implementing our environmental justice framework, including assisting the MPCA in determining ways to measure success.
  • Providing recommendations to the MPCA Commissioner on improvements to policies and procedures to ensure integration of environmental justice principles into the MPCA’s work.
  • Providing input to the MPCA on activities and timeframes for framework implementation.
  • Collaborating with the MPCA to improve civic engagement with environmental justice communities and acting as liaisons to strengthen communications and relationships between environmental justice communities and the MPCA.
  • Sharing oral history and community experiences so the agency can better understand the communities they serve and inform community-based solutions.
  • For more information, the Environmental Justice Advisory Group charter describes its role and procedures in more detail.


All applications are in!

We want thank everyone for their time, interest, and work to build a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable community for all!
We are grateful to share that we received an outstanding amount of applications. The breadth, diversity, and richness of the candidacy pool is a testament to the promise each of you and all of us collectively possess to build strong and healthier environment for all residents of Minnesota.
We are looking forward to learning more about each of you as we read the applications in the coming weeks and will be back in touch with you on or by September 27th

Should you have any questions, please email:



The MPCA Commissioner selects members with the input from a selection committee that includes external stakeholders and current EJAG members.  In choosing members, the Commissioner will strive to appoint a diverse group of people from various parts of the state, with a variety of backgrounds and skills.  The group exists to provide community perspectives to the MPCA as it strives to integrate environmental justice into its work.  

The following members will continue for a second term on the Advisory Group:

  • Maryan Abdinur 
  • Lea Foushee
  • Sarah Goodspeed 
  • Winona LaDuke 
  • Shirley Nordrum 
  • LaShella Sims
  • Halston Sleets
  • Steve Sternberg 
  • Anita Urvina Davis
  • Joan Vanhala

Commissioner Bishop thanks the following members of the original group who will not be renewing their terms:

  • Asha Long
  • Boise Jones
  • David Manuel
  • Jennifer Nguyen Moore
  • Mahyar Sorour
  • Mariela Ojeda

We are grateful for their assistance and advice over the past 2 1/2 years.


The MPCA strives to ensure that all Minnesotans receive equitable environmental protection, benefit equally from our work, and that all people have the opportunity to participate in and influence environmental decisions. The MPCA’s environmental justice framework outlines a set of strategies to achieve these principles. We developed this plan with input from community stakeholders and we want to establish a forum for ongoing stakeholder feedback, oversight, and collaboration.

The MPCA will regularly improve and modify implementation of the strategies based on initial experience, learning, and feedback.  The environmental justice advisory group is one important way to receive feedback from stakeholders on the framework implementation and to collaborate on ways to improve MPCA’s work.  This group is formed by the MPCA commissioner and is made up of a variety of stakeholders working on community engagement, environmental justice, health equity and related work.



Contact Environmental Justice Coordinator Jose Luis Villasenor at or call at 651-757-2575.