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Working for a healthy and prosperous Minnesota

The MPCA monitors environmental quality, offers technical and financial assistance and enforces environmental regulations in Minnesota.

We strive for clean air and water, sustainable lands, a better climate, and a thriving economy

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Moving Minnesota forward

Home: Thriving communities
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Thriving communities
We strive to ensure that all Minnesotans have healthy air, sustainable lands, clean water, and a better climate, no matter where they choose to live and work.
Home: Vibrant farms
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Vibrant farms
We join forces with farmers to create solutions that support their livelihood and lead to a cleaner environment.
Home: Responsible growth
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Responsible growth
We seek ways to protect the environment and grow our economy with sustainable, responsible businesses that attract a vibrant, growing workforce.
Home: Better climate
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Better climate
We find innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint to help protect our economy, natural environment, and quality of life from impacts of climate change.
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A foundation of science

Our pollution prevention, waste reduction, remediation, regulatory, and other decisions are based on the data gathered and analyzed by our staff and partners. Our goal is to use dependable data to make reasonable decisions and drive the most effective environmental restoration and protection efforts.