2018 Eco Experience highlights

Big pictures, big ideas

Put these on your must-see list for your trip to the fair this year

Lake Superior. Explore how climate change is affecting this big, cold, special lake.

Students look at a map of the Great Lakes.

Welcome to the Water Bar: Water is all we have. Get a free flight of water samples from around Minnesota.

The Water Bar shares water samples from around Minnesota.

Welcome to Safety Town. Kids get to learn and practice safe walking and biking.

Safety Town teaches kids all about walking and biking safely.

A non-fabricated big and tall tale of waste. Paul actually speaks (and he knows a lot about textile waste). Everything he’s wearing is from a thrift store.

Paul Bunyan at the 2017 Eco Experience

Get a taste of healthy local food. Daily cooking demos of delicious Minnesota products.

Cooking demos: Get a taste of healthy local food

You can pedal the world’s biggest bike. Find ways to make biking a big part of your life.

Pedal the world's biggest bike at the Eco Experience

Play with nature. Kids learn and thrive in natural settings. Learn how to make your backyard the best playroom ever.

Nature Play at the Eco Experience

Reuse is the name of the game. Great demos throughout the day help you keep stuff out of the waste stream.

Reuse options for used electronics

We’re walking the talk. You can recycle organics, paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, plastics in the Eco Experience.

Walking the walk with better collection of waste.

Discover energy-efficient home improvements. Find out how insulation and air sealing can make your home safer, more comfortable, cheaper to run, and kinder to the environment.

Home energy exhibit at the 2017 Eco Experience

Talk with an energy expert. Learn how energy shapes our world, and how we can influence its effects.

Talk with an energy expert.

A more resilient yard. Native plants, turf alternatives and raingardens are just a few ideas that Blue Thumb can help you pursue.

Blue Thumb offers ideas for a resilient yard.

Play Climate Connections Bingo and win a prize. Do activities throughout the Eco Experience to get your Bingo card daubed.

Play Climate Connections Bingo

Keep the world’s largest doggy doo out of the storm drain. Adopt a storm drain in your neighborhood and defend Minnesota's waters.

Keeping dog poop out of our stormdrains and water ways