2013: Member - Allison Sawyer

About me. I grew up in Forest Lake, but wound up in Waterloo, Ontario, where I got my degree in Geography & Environmental Management with a minor in International Development. My interests include sustainable development, tennis, painting, watching too much television, and music.

About my service. A large chunk of my service with St. Louis County Environmental Services Department involves helping St. Louis County schools to improve or launch recycling programs. Cartons are being added to the recycling stream this school year, so I will be providing education and technical assistance to schools while hopefully avoiding as much spilled milk as possible. I'm also working on increasing recycling at local events, helping local businesses and institutions to cut back on paper use, and setting the wheels in motion for a school supply reuse program on the Iron Range.

Why I serve. Coming out of school I was pretty exhausted from the academic setting and was ready to put my degree into action with some practical work experience. Not only does Minnesota GreenCorps provide that experience, but I get to improve Minnesota's environment by teaching others about environmental stewardship and learning to become a better environmental steward myself—your classic win-win-win situation.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. I’ve got a soft spot for Taylors Falls. Growing up it was always a go-to location for a day trip filled with hiking, picnicking, or floating down the St. Croix River.