Other volunteer opportunities

Citizen science

Citizen scientists are volunteer data collectors. They observe and record information about the natural world and contribute to a growing need for environmental data.

Visit the Citizen Science exhibit in the Water area at the Eco Experience this year to learn more. Enter a drawing to win a kayak, paddle, and life vest—all things an MPCA water monitoring volunteer needs to get started!

In Minnesota, there are dozens of programs that train and support thousands of citizen scientists. Citizen-collected data are regularly used in decision-making and conservation efforts. Find a program that excites you and join in.


Bois de Sioux Watershed River Watch program

Fond Du Lac Tribal & Community College’s St. Louis River Watch

International Water Institute’s Red River Watch

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Level Monitoring

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Mississippi Headwaters River Watch

Stream Health Evaluation Program

Wetland Health Evaluation Program

University of Minnesota Extension’s Aquatic Invasive Species Detectors

Weather & seasons

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network

Minnesota Phenology Network


Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota

Great Lakes Worm Watch

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Dragonfly Society

Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project

Northwoods Vernal Pool Initiative

University of Minnesota Extension