Find a site and sign up

Looking for a way to help protect water quality in Minnesota? Use our map tool to find lakes or streams that need volunteer monitors. You can also see where volunteers are already monitoring.

Find out who can monitor, what volunteers do, and what their data tell us about lake and stream health, visit the Volunteer Water Monitoring page.

Find your site to monitorContact us if you have any questions on how to choose a monitoring location or to inquire on site availability.

Tips for using the map

  • Click on the image to find a site to monitor.
  • For optimum features, do not use Internet Explorer.
  • Zoom in to make more features visible (stream names, boat access points, roads).
  • Use the green banner at the top to search for addresses, measure distances, find map details, and locate the legend.
  • Click on lakes, stream segments, or stream sites to view exact location descriptions and a link to enroll.
  • All Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness lakes are available for monitoring. Learn more.
  • Participants in the Metropolitan Council’s Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP) collect data at sites on many lakes in and around St. Paul and Minneapolis that this map does not show. Contact CAMP or our Volunteer Monitoring Program to find out about availability if you are interested in a particular Metro Area lake.

Definitions and descriptions

  • High priority stream Site — Needs monitoring, exact locations where the MPCA monitors once every 10 years, and we need volunteers to monitor during “off” years.
  • Monitored stream site — At least one volunteer monitoring this location. Contact us to find out about other opportunities nearby.
  • Monitored lake — At least one volunteer currently monitoring the lake. These lakes may still have opportunities for monitoring — contact us to find out.
  • High priority stream segment — Needs monitoring, stream segments with a high priority stream site.
  • Available stream — Available stream segments that need a volunteer.
  • Unmarked lake — These lakes are available and need a volunteer.