GreenCorps alumnus: Trevor Drake

Minnesota GreenCorps alumnus: Trevor DrakeAs a Minnesota GreenCorps member serving in 2011-12, Trevor Drake was responsible for helping to implement energy conservation improvements in municipal buildings in Rogers, Minn., and measuring the effectiveness of the improvements.

His focus on energy has continued in his current career at Great Plains Institute, where he helps communities implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at the local level. “This is the perfect job for me”, states Trevor, “because I love understanding complex problems and I crave variety. Every community I work with has its own goals and dynamics, so the work always feels new and engaging.”

Trevor identifies his Minnesota GreenCorps experience as a "launchpad" for what he's doing now. “It gave me the opportunity to understand two key things – the landscape of organizations and people working on clean energy in Minnesota, and the important role that local governments and communities play in implementing energy policies. It’s not that I wouldn’t have learned these things otherwise, but rather that GreenCorps gave me the opportunity and purpose to learn them quickly through experience”.

“Minnesota GreenCorps is a rare opportunity to learn about yourself and the environmental career field while making a direct impact.” To anyone contemplating GreenCorps service, his recommendation is this: “Take advantage of it! Network with people, take the time to volunteer with organizations you’re interested in, and most of all, take risks and challenge yourself with the work. You’ll learn more that way and we’ll all be better off for having smarter and more effective environmental professionals in the world.”