GreenCorps alumnus: Giuseppe Tumminello

Minnesota GreenCorps alumnus Giuseppe TumminelloGiuseppe Tumminello served as a Minnesota GreenCorps member in the 2017-18 program year with the Environmental Quality Board. In that year, he dedicated time to various initiatives related to pollinator protection. “My undergrad degree was in Entomology and Biology, I then went for my M.S in Conservation Biology and did research on pollinators. So the service position was a great fit for my interests, and it was rewarding to apply what I studied in college.”

In his GreenCorps role with the EQB he provided technical support and helped design GIS mapping protocol to identify areas in communities for pollinator conservation. He also had the opportunity to support public outreach and citizen engagement for environmental decisions in the state.

EQB and MPCA created a portable interactive library exhibit on pollinatorsA highlight of his service year was producing a portable interactive library exhibit on pollinators. EQB and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency built a display to teach people about the pollinator plight and what they can do to help. They also coordinated with the Minnesota Department of Education to circulate the exhibit around the state. “When the exhibit was made available for libraries to reserve, within a few days it was booked up for the next year. It’s satisfying to know that a product of my service work will have a lasting impact.”

Currently, Giuseppe works as a project coordinator with the EQB. He was excited by the organization's mission and sought to continue working beyond pollinators to support EQB’s efforts to enhance environmental quality.

Reflecting on his service, Giuseppe notes: “My advice is to start thinking about the next steps and goals for your service year as soon as possible. Take advantage of all the resources that the program provides to develop skills and relationships necessary to take the next step in your career.”