2017: Member - Sophie Bishop

2017 Minnesota GreenCorps member Sophie BishopAbout me. I have always valued nature and wanted to be surrounded by trees, but the idea of making a career in the environment field started in high school. That is when I started enjoying science and was intrigued with what I can do to help protect what I was learning about. I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and went to the University of Minnesota - Morris. While taking classes there, I worked at the Office of Sustainability and that is when I got more involved in energy conservation, renewable energy, and climate change. I graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Biology. As I continue to learn more about these topics, my interest grows and I look forward to learning so much more during my service.

About my service. I serve as an Energy Conservation member at River’s Edge Academy in St. Paul. My goal is to look at their energy usage and see where we can use less water and electricity and save money. I also will be working on creating an energy conservation curriculum for each class and getting each class to utilize the outdoor classroom more.

Why I serve. I wanted to be a part of Minnesota GreenCorps because I wanted to learn more about energy conservation and see if I wanted to make this into a career. I also thought it would be a great experience for me right out of college and get myself out there in the work force. I hope to develop my skills in data analyzing, relationship building, curriculum developing, and knowledge in energy, climate change, gardening, and waste management.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. At the moment it's the hills of the prairie made by glaciers and glacial deposits. I say "at the moment" because it is always changing with every new place I visit in Minnesota.