2017: Member - Josie Flatgard

2017 Minnesota GreenCorps member Josie FlatgardAbout me. I grew up in Arlington, S. Dak.,  a town of about 1,000. I attended the University of South Dakota and graduated in May 2017, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and in English and a minor in media & journalism. I enjoy hiking, biking, baking, creating, and adventuring.

About my service. I’m serving in Carlton County as a Waste Prevention and Recycling member. My primary focus is the Green Schools Project, which encourages county schools to utilize funds to implement waste reduction and recycling practices. It’s my task to help facilitate that implementation by providing resources and being available to plan classroom activities or competitions to get students excited about recycling.

Why I serve. It intrigues me how each of us is threaded together through our relationships to the environment. I serve to pursue those connections, furthering my understanding of how we communicate about environmental issues and how we can interact to create necessary change.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Since I’m new to the state, I’ve been getting acquainted by hiking along the North Shore. I’m eager to continue exploring the area and learning about the history that’s shaped these natural spaces.