2017: Member - Giuseppe Tumminello

2017 GreenCorps member Giuseppe TumminelloAbout me. Born and raised less than an hour from New York City. Growing up, I was often eager to explore nearby green spaces. I earned my Biology and Entomology Degree from Cornell University, where I cultivated an appreciation for the environment and learned much about ecology and insects. I recently attained my Masters in Conservation Biology at SUNY – College of Environmental Science and Forestry where I studied bees in willow bioenergy plantings. Relocated to Minnesota for the GreenCorps program! In my spare time, I enjoy running, biking, climbing, hiking and reading.

About my service. I am serving with Minnesota’s Environmental Quality Board (EQB) located in St. Paul. At the EQB, I am aiding in coordinating the state’s pollinator resources, outreach and engagement. I will also be further developing a GIS map to identify areas in various MN counties that would be ideal for pollinator habitat restoration. I have helped implement pollinator-friendly rain gardens and am collaborating with several agencies to develop comprehensive state education materials. In addition to pollinator health, the EQB coordinates across agencies and provides citizen engagement with a diverse range of environmental matters including water quality, renewable energy, environmental review and climate change. I will be sure to be involved with these other sustainability-related projects when the opportunity arises.

Why I serve. During college, I grew interested in working with environmental and public issues. MN GreenCorps has offered the opportunity to transition from an education to a career, enabling me to apply my biology background and aid pollinator conservation. Through my service position, I have the chance to gain work experience with a group of organisms I’m truly passionate about and encourage others to engage with them too.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. At this point, I still have much of Minnesota’s outdoors to explore; so far I’ve really enjoyed some of Minnesota’s stunning bike trails in the fall.