2017: Member - Chris Whaley

2017 GreenCorps member Chris WhaleyAbout me. I grew up in the Twin Cities and attended the University of Minnesota - Duluth where I majored in Urban & Regional Studies and completed a GIS certificate. One thing (among many) I really liked about UMD was the location. It was a comfortable distance from home, not too far or too close and the natural beauty of Duluth and the surrounding area were a significant factor in my decision. Outside of work, I can be found exploring Duluth via bike or in the kitchen trying my hands at a new recipe.

About my service. I am serving at Lake Superior College in Duluth. My work is focused on reducing campus energy use and making the campus more energy efficient. My first major project has been to look at energy use of vending machines on campus. We have been installing devices called vending misers on them to put them in low power during times when the campus is unoccupied. I am also working to get a green office certification program in place. This program would ask employees in shared offices on campus to answer questions about the day-to-day operations of their office and how sustainable they are. Each office would be rated according to how sustainable their practices are. I have learned a lot so far about energy use in general as well as what can be done for buildings to be more energy efficient.

Why I serve. I have been aware of climate change and the contributing factors for quite a while but not until college did I realize that sustainability could be part of my career path. My service has really put in perspective not only what I can do as an individual but also what can be accomplished by big groups on a larger level.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Gooseberry Falls. I have been camping there twice, but it makes a great day trip as well.