2017: Member - Alex Larson

2017 Minnesota GreenCorps member Alex LarsonAbout me. I was born and raised in and around Buffalo, Minn., and have traveled to several national parks and the Boundary Waters, which is where I inadvertently found my calling. I was in Boy Scouts from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout, which fanned my growing love of nature and the wilderness. I graduated from the University of Minnesota - Duluth with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a passion for alternative agriculture and soils. In my free time, I enjoy exploring our state and nation’s parks, running, camping, reading, and drinking tea and coffee.

About my service. I am serving in the Local Foods track with CentraCare in St. Cloud. A main facet of my service is reducing food waste in the area schools, namely St. Cloud and Sartell. Farm-to-School programs began last year, but the kids are reportedly throwing it away. This can be due to many factors and it is my job to figure out solutions. I will also help map ‘Food Ways,’ to increase awareness about the food access problems and the Slow Food deserts that cover a large part of the urban areas. Implementing local agriculture projects with schools will be an ongoing conversation, which may include hydroponics systems depending on involvement and funding.

Why I serve. My favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt. There are many reasons I could cite, but the most important to me was also important to John Muir: Preserving and conserving the environment. Minnesota GreenCorps is a great place to start a career and get your feet wet dealing with projects that you may not have considered otherwise. Through Minnesota GreenCorps, I am helping to reduce human impact on the land and taking care of the bounty we have been given—whether it happens to be a national park, the Boundary Waters, a school district, or a marsh in your backyard.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Duluth, the North Shore, and the Boundary Waters (all rolled into ‘The Norwegian Riviera’) — there is so much to do! From canoeing and backpacking, to sitting on rock beaches with a cup of coffee and trying not to look too much like a tourist in Grand Marais. You will never get bored if you have a healthy appreciation for woods, lakes that are ‘Superior’ to all others, and are at least a little Scandinavian.