2017: Member - Aaron Head

2017 GreenCorps member Aaron HeadAbout me. I am originally from a small town in the southern tip of Illinois. I attended the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point where I majored in waste management. I chose waste management because I enjoyed an occupation that allows me to do something positive for the environment.

About my service. I am serving with Otter Tail County in the Waste Prevention and Recycling track. I’ve enjoyed learning the operations within municipal entities and working with everyone while pushing a project. I’m working on a project aimed at recycling in multi-unit housing complexes with the county’s new recycling program, with goals to also increase recycling participation in other county buildings and schools.

Why I serve. I’m coming from someplace that didn’t have any method besides bury it in a hole. Learning later in college how this methodology is damaging our environment gave me the incentive to apply what I know to make a difference. Minnesota GreenCorps provided me that opportunity.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. I have been in Minnesota for only seven weeks now, so I am still learning all that Greater Minnesota has to offer.