2016: Member - George Knutson

2016 GreenCorps member George KnutsonAbout me. I was born and raised in the Twin Cities. My family never traveled so I was stuck in the cities for most of my childhood. However, when we did travel, it was to my uncle’s cabin near Hibbing. I think that’s when my love of the outdoors and Minnesota’s northern forest began. I ended up attending the University of Minnesota - Duluth. The geography of the area was a big reason why I picked UMD, it was perfect for me. A big lake, lots of parks and trails, and a perfect spot between home and the north shore. At UMD, I studied Environment and Sustainability as well as GIS. When I’m not working or stressing over what I’m going to do after my service as a MN GreenCorps you’ll see me hiking, watching anime, playing disc golf, or enjoying some tasty cuisine from local restaurants, among other things.

About my service. I am serving at Carlton County’s Zoning & Environmental Services Office as a part of the Waste Reduction and Recycling track. My service is focused on helping schools follow the waste hierarchy by implementing the County’s Green Schools Project, a school recycling and waste reduction grant. I will also be working on the County’s aquatic invasive species program in the spring. My service has been really interesting so far. Interacting with different people involved with schools has given me an understanding of how schools operate and what their waste management practices are.

Why I serve. Going to college and studying the environment and sustainability really opened my eyes. I learned so much about so many things that my whole outlook on life changed. I graduated and had knowledge on issues that I cared about, but I kept asking myself how I could possibly make a difference. I came across the MN GreenCorps program and thought it would be a great place to start. I’m able to serve a community in a topic area I’m passionate about and also gain valuable work experience.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Since I’ve lived in Duluth for the past 4 years, I’ve been up the north shore more than a handful of times. All of the parks are so beautiful and I love being so close to them, they bring me great joy every time I visit them. As of now, it is my favorite place to visit in Minnesota. Although, I plan on taking my very first trip into the Boundary Waters this summer, so I have a pretty good feeling that it might overtake the north shore parks as my favorite place in Minnesota.