2015: Member - Tanya Feldkamp

2015 member: Tanya FeldkampAbout me. Growing up in suburbs, I developed a fascination with cities from books and movies that I really liked. In college, I decided that I was going to explore the question, “Why is New York City so much cooler than White Bear Lake?”, which resulted in a double major in Architecture and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota.  Throughout and since college I’ve lived in Minneapolis and have worked in restaurants in the city. I really enjoy being a Minneapolitan and try to be an active resident by volunteering with community groups and engaging in the local culture.

About my service. I’m a Waste Prevention and Recycling member serving at the City of Coon Rapids.  The main focus of my time will be evaluating and improving Recycling in multi-family dwellings in the city. This will involve auditing all of the multi-unit buildings in the city and then working on more focused projects with a select few.  I will also be spending time promoting Organics Recycling to residents, the city opened a drop off site, but the goal is to have a widespread curbside Organics Recycling program. In addition to those outreach efforts, I will also be setting up Organics collection in some public buildings in the city. 

Why I serve. I chose to be in the MN GreenCorps program because I wanted to explore different areas of the environmental field. Even though I did not study a subject that is directly related to environmentalism, sustainability was always a major theme. I think that by framing our decisions about how we build cities in an environment light, we will creates places that are more meaningful and live better as a result.

My favorite place in Minnesota. Summit Avenue. It’s a really good place for a walk or bike ride. I love looking at all of the diverse architectural styles of the houses and mansions. It’s a really satisfying journey once you reach the Cathedral and look out at the view of downtown Saint Paul.