2015: Member - Alex Van Loh

2015 member: Alex Van LohAbout me. I have lived all over Minnesota and my love for the state and its natural resources flows like the Mississippi – deep and wide. I also love terrible wordplay. I call myself a Duluthian, as that’s where I went to high school. I then headed to St. John’s University in Collegeville, earning a degree in Biology and a minor in German, followed by a year teaching English in Germany. My other passions include improv and sketch comedy, microbrews, and making music.

About my service. I am serving at Freshwater Society in St. Paul, focusing on the Master Water Stewards program which certifies and supports community members to become leaders and stormwater experts. The stewards act locally, implementing education and outreach events and installing stormwater best management practices in their neighborhoods. I look forward to assisting the stewards and becoming a certified steward myself!

Why I serve. As I said before, I love all things Minnesota, perhaps to an obsessive degree – seriously, if something is shaped like the state or has the state as part of its logo, I need it. This adoration for the land of sky blue waters and my desire to protect, preserve, and improve it using my background in biology led me to the MN GreenCorps. Minnesota has such a sense of place for me, its land and people have given me so much, and I feel it is my responsibility and privilege to give back however I can.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. A tie between two places of beauty: The prairies, pines, and ponds of the St. John’s University campus are special to me for many reasons. And anywhere along the North Shore can rejuvenate you and give you hope, knowing that such a place still exists.