Construction stormwater permit for Enbridge Line 3

When a project includes land-disturbing activities totaling an acre or more, a Construction Stormwater Permit must be obtained from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Land-disturbing activities are regulated by this permit because they have the potential to allow stormwater—runoff caused by rain and snowmelt—to carry dirt and pollutants into our lakes, rivers and streams.

Stormwater management practices reduce that potential. These practices are required by the Construction Stormwater General permit. General permits are used by the MPCA when a category of permittees has activities, operations, and discharges that are substantially similar so the permit does not need to be modified for each project. Each permittee covered by the general permit must develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), specific to the project, which details how the requirements of the permit will be met. The SWPPP identifies the practices that will be implemented at the project to protect the environment and meet the requirements of the general permit. The SWPPP becomes an enforceable part of the permit.

The current Construction Stormwater General Permit was issued and became effective in August 2018.  Prior to its issuance the permit went through a public-notice and comment process. When an applicant seeks coverage under this permit, there is no additional public comment period. When an applicant has submitted a complete and accurate application in accordance with the requirements of the general permit, they can be authorized to discharge stormwater associated with construction activity under the general permit.

Current status

No permit application has been received for this project.

Previous steps and supporting documents

Not applicable for this project.

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