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Helping small businesses adapt to environmental challenges

Two people in an industrial setting wearting hard hats

It’s not your imagination — businesses across the state are grappling with more frequent flooding, higher insurance costs, and other stressors that impact their customers, their employees, and their bottom line.

A new online training aims to help small businesses adapt to these challenges and even find cost savings. Climate impacts and resilience for small business illustrates the growing impact environmental factors will have on business operations, as well as the steps business owners can take to reduce their energy costs, staff time, and regulatory fees.

“In the past, few resources were available that specifically guided small business owners on how to adapt to the changing climate and mitigate its negative effects,” says Sam Connolly, business assistance specialist with MPCA’s Small Business Environmental Assistance Program. “We want to support them in anticipating the potential impacts to their businesses and envisioning themselves as part of the solution.”

The training covers concepts such as how our changing climate stresses infrastructure and raises insurance rates; how waste reduction can save money on materials, labor, and energy; and how businesses can take advantage of grant programs and other resources.

“We hope this resource will help businesses start thinking about making adaptation and mitigation efforts a priority now,” Connolly says.

There is no cost for the training. Business owners can begin at any time and move freely between sections at their own pace: Climate impacts and resilience for small business

Here to help

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program can help you comply with environmental rules, reduce wastes and emissions, and reduce regulatory obligations. If you have an independently owned and operated small business with fewer than 100 employees that is not a major source of waste or emissions, request free and confidential assistance for your business.

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