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Closed: Climate calculator tool for use in environmental review

The Environmental Quality Board (EQB) sought proposals to build a climate calculator tool (tool) that assists users in answering question 18 (Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions/Carbon Footprint) on the Environmental Assessment Worksheet form. This question on the Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) asks for GHG quantification for all proposed projects.

Closed: Applications were due December 1, 2023.

Questions and answers

Prospective responders who have any questions regarding this RFP must email, subject line “EQB Climate Calculator Tool for use in Environmental Review,” no later than October 31, 2023. Answers to questions will be posted in the SWIFT Supplier Portal.

Employees of the EQB or MPCA cannot answer questions about this RFP; direct contact regarding this RFP with any EQB or MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.

Available funds

The initial contract is estimated to be up to approximately $360,000.

How to apply

The request for proposal (RFP) and application materials can only be viewed through the online SWIFT portal. The RFP is termed an “Event” within the SWIFT system.

  1. Go to the online SWIFT portal.
  2. Click on "Bidding opportunities".
  3. Find the event by name (EQB Climate Calculator Tool for use in Environment) or ID (2000014896).
  4. Click "View Bid Package" to see the RFP and forms. (There’s no need to log in to see the documents.)

Grant applications are only accepted through the SWIFT portal.

  1. Register as a bidder in the SWIFT Supplier Portal, (Bidding = "applying")
  2. Choose "Register for an Account" and then "Register as a Bidder".

If you are already registered in the SWIFT system as a supplier (previously known as a vendor), use your supplier ID. Visit the SWIFT Supplier Portal under “Informational Tips” and “Supplier Portal Help” for more information. For questions about applying through SWIFT, please contact the Vendor Assistance Help Desk at 651-201-8100, option 1.