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Street Sweeping Workshop - Bloomington

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the U of M Water Resources Center are partnering with local city staff that are leading the way with their enhanced street sweeping efforts in order to provide you with training opportunities.

The new Clean Sweep Program aims to provide you with the tools, training, and resources you need to develop or enhance a street sweeping program for water quality.

The workshops will include:

  • Benefits Overview: Summary of direct and indirect benefits of enhanced street sweeping
  • Decision Tree Tool: Decision tree and guidance for MS4s considering a street sweeping program for water quality
  • Quick Estimating Tool: New tool for estimating total solids and phosphorus from potential street sweeping efforts to aid in planning efforts
  • Equipment Showcase: Information on pros and cons of different street sweepers presented by suppliers
  • Planning Resources: New resources to help prioritize street sweeping routes to maximize benefit
  • MPCA Materials Guidance: Guidance from MPCA on when and how to test street sweeping materials
  • Materials Disposal & Reuse Discussion: Discussion on materials management challenges and cost-effective options for reusing and disposing of street sweeping materials


Registration information

Registration required for this free event. Lunch is provided.

Limited spots available - register early.