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Special event

Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair

The Eco Experience is our huge exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, filled with hands-on activities, demonstrations, and resources. Learn from experts about what you can do to help improve our air, land, water, and climate. We'd love to see you there!

What to see in 2024

People looking at an exhibit of a large spinning "tornado" made of plastic bags with a sign that reads "Bagnado".
  • Bagnado! We’re bringing back a favorite attraction from 2016, a giant spinning tornado of plastic bags. Take cover!
  • Fly a giant Monarch butterfly as you learn about the critical importance of protecting pollinators.
  • Catapult Wiffle balls, take a photo inside an ice house, and visit with community partners to learn about how Minnesota is working on solutions to climate change.
  • The newest electric cars, trucks and bikes will be on display for visitors to experience. Learn about the many new clean transportation options and government incentives.
  • The ever-popular Eco Bingo game gives you a chance to win a multipurpose buff to wear on your head, neck, wrist—with an exclusive Eco Experience design.